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11 May 2022

Report on Expert Lecture titled Heritage and The Smart City - A case of Ekamra Kshetra, Bhubaneshwar

Faculty coordinator: Ar Roshini M

Resource person: Ar Sridevi Changali, Masons Ink Studio, Bangalore

Activity: Expert Lecture

Place of Activity conducted: Smart Lecture Hall - 123

Students: 8th semester A and B Section, 6th semester B section

No of Students: 19

No of Faculty: 3

Date: 11.05.2022

About the Event: School of Architecture, REVA University organized an expert lecture titled – HERITAGE AND SMART CITY - A case of Ekamra Kshetra, Bhubaneswar as a part of the Conservation Studies Elective for the 8th semester students. The lecture was intended to give an overview of the various approaches and methodologies that can be adopted in Urban Conservation through the example of Bhubaneswar.

The session began with a brief introduction to the setting and context of the cultural heritage of Bhubaneswar followed by the various smart city initiatives and interventions that were proposed and executed on ground. The challenges faced in the process of urban conservation of the historic core were also discussed in detail. The session ended with an interactive stakeholder role play activity where the students donned the hats of Developers, BBMP officials, Conservation Architects, Press/Media and Citizens to discuss the proposal of a Multi-Level Car Park at Cubbon Park.

Outcome of the Event: At the end of the session, the students had a better understanding of the application of the theories and concepts that were taught under urban conservation, different levels of interventions in a heritage precinct, various approaches that can be adopted in dealing with complex heritage zones, stakeholder participation in heritage conservation and how heritage management is integrated in smart city development.

I would like to thank our Director, Prof. Vidya Srikanth for her immense support in encouraging such initiatives. I would like to extend my thanks to Prashanth Sir for his technical support.

Student List

  • Neha
  • Megha Kalmath
  • N V Bharath
  • Nikhil Krishna K J
  • Prithvi Srinivasan
  • Bhoomika M V
  • Harini H M
  • Prerana S K
  • Shreya Badnikai
  • Anurag Anand Diwanji
  • B Vamsi Sai
  • Hitysh Kumar
  • Pranav Karthik S P
  • Namratha D
  • Hitesh Angadi T R
  • Alen Joseph Martin
  • Satakshi Gupta
  • Syeda Nikhat Fatima
  • Kommi Mohan Sai