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13 May 2019

Skill Development Programme on Python Programmeming

The purpose of this programme is to teach the student how to programme in Python and prepare for a career in data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning. The programme starts with basic concepts in python programming and takes the learners to most advanced topics in python programming.

About the Programme
The programme was conducted for 4 days from 13th To 16th May, 2019.
Day 1:
Module –I
• Python-An Introduction
• Creating Your First Programmein Python
• Data Types-Classifying Datain Python
• Implementing Input andOutput Operations
• Operators-PerformingLogical and Mathematical
Module –II
• Statements-Controlling theFlow of Programme
• Strings-A Sequence ofCharacters
• Arrays-Arranging SimilarObjects Systematically
• Implementing Functions inPython
Day 2:
Module –III
• Lists and Tuples-ManagingData Systematically
• Dictionaries and Other DataStructures
• Recursion and Algorithms inPython
• Module –IV
• Implementing OOPconcepts, classes andobjects
• Implementing Inheritance inPython
• Implementing Polymorphismin Python
• Interfaces and Abstraction inPython
Day 3:
Module –V

• Creating a GUI using Python
• Handling s I/O
• Connecting to a Database inPython
• Handling Errors andExceptions
• Regular Expressions
• Module –VI
• Interacting with Networks
• Handling Concurrency using
• Handling Numbers, Dates
and Time • Q/A
Day 4:
Online Global Certification Exam

Skill Development Programme on Python Programmeming