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14 Nov 2019

Talk on International Internship and volunteering possibilities through AIESEC

Agenda:    International Internship and volunteering work
Speakers:    Mr. Tejaswar V, representative AIESEC Bangalore
Venue:    A.V. Room 325, Architecture Block
Dates:        14th November 2019
Coordinator:    Asst. Prof. Anup Kumar Prasad
Faculties:    Asso. Prof. Raghuteja Vemana & Asst. Prof. Ujjal Halder
Participants:    42 Students, 5th Semester, School of Architecture

School of Architecture has arranged a talk on International Internship and volunteering possibilities for architecture students through AIESEC and interactive season for the students of 5th Semester School of Architecture.

Internship for architecture student is quite important and it is of 32 weeks long. Hence, it is essential for the students to go through various possibilities of internship to acquire as much exposure to the practical field as possible. International Internship and volunteering work in the field of architecture would sure add an additional parameter of exposure.

AIESEC is the youth run organization. It is an International, non-government and non-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships and volunteer exchange globalist experiences. Mr. Tejaswar, representative of AIESEC, elaborated the possibilities of various Internship and volunteering work abroad. He illustrated the types of project done for the scheme through AIESEC. Various financial support options were also suggested. Video documentary has been shown sharing the students experience, who went through AIESEC and get benefited.

Most of the students showed interest and actively participated. Students started preparing the application for getting the opportunities.

Talk on International Internship and volunteering possibilities through AIESEC