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25 Apr 2020

The Launch of JEEVA SETU

REVA University launched JEEVA SETU, the Medical Ventilator on April 25, 2020 as a lifeline and contribution from REVA University to aid the fight against COVID by the nation. Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Chancellor of REVA University in a quiet and low profiled meet unveiled the ventilator releasing it to the cause of fighting Corona. Amidst the resident staff in the campus at Saugandhika, the Open Air Theatre of REVA and practicing complete social distancing and with safety and security measures like masks and gloves, the Chancellor, Dr P Shyama Raju unveiled the ventilator.

REVA University is a young vibrant University known for its passion for innovation and research and out of the box ideas and thoughts… it in Jagruti…towards electoral awareness in its first phase, towards global warming in its second phase and towards COVID in its third phase. All these efforts of the University have been with one purpose in mind, social outreach and responsibility to the community. The University has never hesitated to support any social cause and has left no stone unturned to ensure that a helping hand is always extended to the society at large. Students have always been the central point of all these activities of the University for the Chancellor of the University, Dr P Shyama Raju strongly believes that youth power is what will drive such noble causes. COVID has hit us all and the most hit amongst us is the education domain for it has affected the youth and the learners in big way, leaving them anxious about their future. However, REVA has not stepped back in this endeavour either as they went complete online supporting all their students in every way possible and remote instruction and assessment has been key focus for REVA. COVID also got the University garner their strength and energy as they were quick and on their toes to ensure that sanitisers were prepared inhouse and supplied free of cost to those in connect, community workers, housekeepers and their families and by large the entire REVA community. The REVA NEST got together and prepared face shields, the masks and supported the community, while the team of research minded faculty went ahead and submitted proposals to the Government sharing ideas and innovative thoughts on partnering with the Government. Students and faculty got together and published research papers as they shared their research thoughts and findings through various publications.

When the PM called all scientists to get together and work on innovative modes of building scientific power and support, at REVA, a team of faculty members got together an affordable model of a Medical ventilator ---JEEVA SETU, the launch of which is today and so we are here in the campus. The launch of JEEVA SETU goes to prove the strength of the University and its capacity for innovation in a short span of time……and who is the man behind this visionary thinking, a man known for his social commitment, a giver and an educationist who has made a difference to society….Dr P Shyama Raju, Chancellor, REVA University… he talks to us about the making of Jeeva Setu and how REVA University has transformed as an E-Versity, ready for the challenges of the students.

The Launch of JEEVA SETU