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Nurturing Sporting Talents at REVA

Nurturing Sporting Talents at REVA

In a crescendo of collective anticipation, the entire nation perched on the edge of their seats, fervently cheering "India India" as the recently concluded ICC World Cup reached its pinnacle. The atmosphere was electric, and the fervour of the crowd mirrored the nation's hopes for a victory. The pulse of the stadium echoed the heartbeat of a cricket-crazy nation, encapsulating the intense mood and undying spirit of Indian fans yearning for triumph. Sports imparts an invaluable lesson—teaching us unity, resilience, and the indomitable spirit that accompanies both victory and defeat. It signifies a shared journey of aspiration and passion.

At REVA University, we actively nurture a vibrant sports culture, as is exemplified by the comprehensive REVA Athlete Wellness Programme. This initiative, showcasing our commitment to holistic student-athlete development, includes pre and post-game consultations, counselling, mind-body programmes, and specialized therapy, aiming to elevate the overall well-being of our sports enthusiasts. REVA’s commitment to sports is evident in the competitions and games held annually on the campus. The recently concluded 11th Annual Athletics Meet served as our dedication to promoting well-rounded individuals. By organizing the meet, we aim to cultivate not only academic proficiency but also physical activity and social engagement in our students.

REVA University has programmes that cater to the growing demand for Sports Science and contribute to India’s sporting ambitions. Among the many programmes offered, the School of Allied Health Sciences’ four-year B.Sc. (Hons.) Sports & Exercise Science programme, an application-based programme, integrates theory and practical components, establishing a robust foundation in the scientific study of human movement, exercise physiology, sports performance, sports psychology, sports nutrition, anthropometry, strength and conditioning, and related areas.

REVA has also aligned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s Khelo India campaign by bringing sports to the grassroots level, encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to participate in various sports and games. This approach promotes inclusivity and nurtures a sense of unity and community. We firmly believe that such initiatives contribute significantly to the holistic development of our students.during their university years, imparting skills and values that extend beyond the playing field and positively influence academic success, personal relationships, and future career endeavours.

As a cumulative of all the efforts of the University, the recognition of REVA student Dhanush Gowda in the U19 Asia Cup Team is a testament to our dedicated efforts. Dhanush's achievement is just one among the many honors at REVA. Our B.Sc. Sports Science students, Yogashree and Kishan Raj, secured gold medals at the state-level Dasara CM Cup. Adding to our laurels are Aryan Manoj and Rohan Venkatesh, for being the fastest athletes of Karnataka. Additionally, Unnathi Bollanda clinched a national gold in the women's 100-meter hurdles and is set to represent India at the World Junior Championship in Peru. Ayush Shetty, the current #1 junior badminton player, earned a bronze at the BWF World Junior Championship, while Macneil H. Noronha's selection for the Karnataka Under 23 State squad further underscores REVA University's allegiance to rearing exceptional talents.

As we continue this exciting journey, I encourage you all to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and celebrate the achievements of our talented athletes. Together, let's propel REVA University to new heights in the realm of sports and beyond.