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Competitive Environment


Education is a critical tool for developing a modern economy and many universities are providing necessary skills to the students to compete globally. It is known that well educated population, equipped with the relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills is essential for the economic and social development of a country.

REVA University shoulders the biggest responsibility of shaping the future of a nation by inculcating skills and creating competency. REVA imparts quality education through different teaching methodologies and organizing co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

REVA continuously updates the curriculum and establishes world-class laboratories for the benefit of the students to have hands-on experience. Students will be challenged with hackathons and software challenges to make them competitive in the global market. The students are securing on-campus placements and occupying good positions in multinational organisations.


REVA carries regular curricular and academic reforms that are required to improve student choices, with a fine balance between the professional, science, arts, and management courses.

Students have a competitive advantage when compared to other universities through the regular courses and introduction of courses that address recent advancements in technology.

An innovative and relevant curriculum should be designed to serve different segments of the job market or provide avenues for self-employment. REVA has given sufficient emphasis to skill-based programmes to make students competitive and employable in the job market.