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SLCM(Student Life Cycle Management)

Universities have recently had to contend with a variety of challenges including the demand for certain workforce skills and changing worldwide student demographics. As student expectations rise, all stakeholders find a need for a seamless, personalised experience during their learning journey.

At REVA, we are mindful of the shift in the student requirements and the facilities and IT support as required. To match up with the expectations and make the student and staff life cycle at REVA a personalized experience, REVA University has upgraded the Student Life Cycle Management (SLCM) through Salesforce. This platform enables students to access every module and feature of the University system from a single platform.

With a valid user ID and password, students can access the application wherever they are. REVA makes sure that there is enough student participation as it offers them a complete picture of their academic experience at the REVA campus from admission to alumni.