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REVA University’s ICT Cell is a specialised division of technical help professionals tasked with providing digital amenities and guaranteeing the efficient operation of the University’s technical procedures.

REVA University has IT policies that govern the use and security of its IT/computing systems, networks, information and digital assets. Faculty, staff, and other REVAites who use the information assets and resources are required to be familiar with these policies and the consequences of violating them. The information security policies make sure that everyone uses the computing and information technology resources of the University in a way that best serves its educational, research, and administrative needs.

The ICT department helps with a variety of technological services offered on the campus, including wireless Internet, computer labs, IT services and maintenance, experts in problem-solving and IT, hardware and software handymen, IT consultants, IT consultants, tools and devices, security and cyber security setups, and more. We also offer a host of other services ranging from email service support, WiFi access and connectivity, ICT Classroom support, Microsoft Teams, Computer Laboratory Hardware, and Surveillance System Support. REVA University also has an in-house data centre that provides ubiquitous network connectivity throughout the campus.

The ICT Department at REVA University owns all the IT policies, supporting policy approvals, implementation, and updation among others. This is done with the support of various departments in REVA.

The users must comply and adhere to all the IT policies. If they have any questions, contact the ICT department at REVA on