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Library and Information Centre

Central Library
REVA University Central Library, located in the heart of the campus and housed in an independent building with a carpet area of 35,680 Sq.ft is fully air-conditioned, well laid out, and aesthetically designed to make it an inviting place with the ambience that is suitable for learning and research.

The library building has provisions for both individual and group studies making room for interaction, discussion and quiet studies. Adequate space is provided for browsing and relaxed reading, from 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight providing a mix of learning environments to meet different student aspirations and faculties’ needs.


The University Libraries are stocked with a huge collection of books, CDs and DVDs apart from the latest periodicals with access to electronic resources and NPTEL (Local Guru) Media Streaming System through the Digital Library. The library has gone digital with various options to make access and reading convenient. Users can make use of these resources both within and outside the University.

Using LIBSOFT Library software, the library catalogue has been computerised and WebOPAC is available for access to the users. University library has incorporated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) Technology, which provides the easiest, fastest and the most efficient way to track, locate and manage the library materials and also automatic check-in and check-out.


Library's Mission is to provide the best service to our users in the right way and at the right time and to provide continuous access to information to the students and faculty members of the University to facilitate teaching, learning, and research for achieving excellence in their higher education.