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Centres Of Excellence

Efforts are being made to explore funding from VGST, DST, CSIR, DBT, UGC, DRDO, ICSSR, UNESCO, UNIDO, IDBI etc. The faculty members also explore funded projects from ISRO, NAL, BEL, HAL, Microsoft and such other organizations, institutions and industries.

The university has established the following centers to enable researchers apply for funds from reputed funding agencies and also to promote interdisciplinary research.


Centre of Excellence in Computational Intelligence

The investigators in this lab work on research projects related to fuzzy systems, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles etc. It gathers researchers and practitioners with comprehensive experience, ranging from knowledge discovery to semantic web to computer vision. The lab houses 22 high end desktop machines with high speed internet services.


Centre of Excellence in IoT and Robotic Process Automation

The investigators in this lab work on research projects related to robotics, IoT, industrial and work place automation, wearable smart devices, smart cities. We advise our scholars and students and assist them towards developing as part of their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey an internal, self-sustaining and scalable RPA expertise to run and maintain robots. The lab houses 44 high end desktop machines with high speed internet services.

Other Facilities under these Centres are:

DST Funded Project on Cancer Studies

This investigators in this lab work on machine learning approaches for classification, staging and drug discovery for various cancer types.The lab houses 18 high end machines with high speed internet services.

DST Funded Project on Cancer Studies

This lab is dedicated to cloud computing research with researchers working on various issues related to the cloud infrastructure.The lab houses 18 high end laptops with latest processors with high speed internet services. The lab has been set up with grant from VGST in 2014 and 2018.

PG R & D Lab

This lab is dedicated for research by PG students in various areas. Student are made to do projects in the area of IoT, machine learning, Big data, to name a few. The lab houses 22 high end desktop machines from HP with Intel 7500 7th Gen Core i5-4C, 8 GB RAM DDR4 2400 , 1 TB HDD, LCD Monitor 18.5 " Screen sizeand high speed internet services.

Cybersecurity Lab

This lab has state of the art systems and software for the scholars to carry out advanced research and development in the area of Cyber security. The Centre opened in 2016 and focuses on the security of the cyber space from all digital and human threats whether malicious or not. We are interested in issues surrounding security, protection and privacy.

Data Analytics Lab( Admin Block , RACE Lab)

This lab houses 30 high end systems equipped with state of the art hardware and software to enable scholars and researchers to carry our high volume of number crunching involved in machine learning and analytics projects. In the era of rapid digitization of various problems, the center aims to strengthen citizen service delivery through data-driven governance. It has been created to unlock the hidden potential of the data that they are generating as a part of day-to-day activities.

The School of Civil Engineering, REVA University, has a strong focus on research and innovation in order to develop solutions for the problems faced by society, government and industry. The School has core research groups headed by senior professors in the thrust areas in Structural Engineering, Concrete Technology, Hydrology and Water Resources, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Environmental Engineering.


Center of Excellence in Concrete Technology

Improving durability and strength of plain and reinforced concrete structure with addition of new siliceous materials and studying the properties of materials. Studies on creep, shrinkage, fire and repair & rehabilitation of earthquake damaged structures. Experimental investigation of such problems and arriving to suitable solutions, is the objectives in this centre of excellence with the expertise guidance


Centre of Excellence in Highway Research

Rural Roads Pavement Performance Study, Pedestrian Behavior under different Traffic land Spatial Conditions, traffic congestions, use of different materials for the pavements and study on the durability and serviceability characteristics are the thrust areas where experimental investigation will be carried out to find the solutions

To carry out experiments related to Concrete Technology and Highway research, excellent infrastructure and laboratory equipments to conduct various experiments are available in the School.

Computational Intelligence

Brief Description

The Centre for Computational Intelligence is a School of Computing & Information Technogy-wide research and innovation initiative. We develop new mathematical and statistical theory, and quantitative and computational methods, to help make sense of large, complex data sets. Our researchers collaborate with several university, industrial, commercial and governmental partners, in India and internationally. We also contribute actively to the public conversation around computational intelligence, and the opportunities and challenges it presents.The lab houses 22 high end desktop machines with high speed Internet services.


  • Establish an AI-ML CoE to provide cutting edge AI-ML based business solutions to Industry
  • To carry out research on state of the art AI ML based business-technology orientation
  • Position REVA University as the go-to Institute for Industry and Academia
  • Train engineers / scholars on development of unique business models
  • Conduct Seminar / Conferences
  • Publish research articles, file for copyrights and patents
  • Publication of newsletters

Team Members

  • Mallikarjun M. Kodabagi
  • Shanthala Devi Patil
  • Akram Pasha
  • Sarvamangala D R
  • NimritaKaul
  • Mrs. Soumyalatha Naveen
  • Dr. Ashwin kumar Motagi

Major Projects

The researchers in this centre are working intensively in the following areas:

  • Distributed computing and security
  • Social media analysis
  • Image processing and pattern recognition
  • Healthcare
  • IoT applications

Microelectronics and IoT systems in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors

The Center of Excellence in Microelectronics and IoT Systems (MIS) is established in collaboration with NXP semiconductor in 2019 with a focus on design and development of efficientVLSI and IoT subsystems. The mission of this facility is to encourage REVA University's research, educational objectives and provide appropriate research on state-of- art in Microelectronics and IoT technologies.Some of the multidisciplinary research activities at MIS are power management circuits, IoT for smart city, smart systems. Robust attention is focused on networking with other research centers to enhance our service scope. Centre of Excellence contributes regularly with high quality research publications in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors. Thrust area of research includes IoT systems to improve quality and productivity of society/life, Power management systems, Data converters, Next Generation VLSI systems. CADENCE, Xilinx, NXP IoT prototype kit, FPGA kits, DSP kits are the major equipments used in this research centre.


  • To establish Knowledge transfer between REVA Universityand NXP Semiconductors
  • Jointly initiate Research and Development (R & D) relevant to future electronics devices with involvement of REVAUniversity and NXP Semiconductor resulting in quality publications and patents
  • Collaborate to identify key R & D areas(knowledge generation, know- how update, technology exploration, applied research) for immediate or future requirements of NXP Semiconductors
  • On site and industry internships for students and faculty members
  • Undertaking research projects along with mutually agreed chosen partner which could include academia/ research institute or any other special arrangement.

Principal Investigators-Dr. Prashant V. Joshi and Prof. K. M. Sudharshan Associate Professor, School of ECE, REVA University.


Robotics and Automation Lab

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering, REVA University established Robotics and Automation Lab in 2016 supported by IIT Bombay e-Yantra project. The lab provides facility for Research, Innovation and training to all the students and faculty members.Artificial Intelligence, Swarm Robotics, Robot structural design, kinematics and Nano Technology for Robots are the thrust areas of research. e-Yantra Robots (IIT Bombay), Nex Robotics Robots are the major equipments used in the research centre. Industry connect areDorna Automations Pvt. Ltd., Nex Robotics, Mumbai, Robolab, Pune, Axis Global Automation group of companies, Chennai .

Facilities and support for students includes Lab has equipped with Robotic kits and accessories worth of 2 Lakhs, lab has support from professors from IITs for e-knowledge share, students can takeup: UG/PG project in curriculum, hobby projects, mini projects which is very much helpful for their placements, students participate in Robotics competition conducted by IITB, win prizes, internship, certificates and awards, showcase their project at IITB Robotics exhibition, E-Yantra project launch Ideas competition and good projects will be Incubated, good projects are be applied for funds, Inter disciplinary projects are be carried out which is helpful for the student placements, Students participate in exhibitions, competitions, seminar, Winners of the competition e-Yantra project Robotics competition will be given internship at IITB, doing projects in Robotics helps the students to get placed in core companies, under e-Yantra project students can participate in National level Robotics competition, students publish papers on Robotics in conference and Journals, innovative idea is applied for patent.

Principal Investigator- Dr. Veena K. N., Associate Professor, School of ECE, REVA University.


  • eYantra Project IIT Bombay launched Task Based Training for Faculty TBT-2016. Faculty obtained Grade A.
  • E-Yantra project IIT Bombay launched e-Yantra Ideas Competition in 2017. Suraj N., Mr. Santhosh Reddy K. V., and Mr. Vinay Kumar P., students from School of Mechanical Engineering, REVA University won National level award for best demonstration and presentation for the project “Sewage Blockage Removal Robot” conducted by IIT Bombay on 7th& 8th of April 2017. The project was guided by Dr. Jagadeeswaran N., Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Veena K. N., Associate Professor, School of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The ideas has been published in Indian Patent Journal
  • Inter disciplinary team of faculty members and students consisting of Dr. Veena K. N., Associate professor, School of ECE, Dr. N. Jagadeeswaran, Associate professor, School of ME, Praveen V. Vijapur, Assistant professor, School of ECE and Santhosh Reddy K. V., Vinay Kumar P., Suraj N., students from school of ME, Spoorthi K. B., Srinivas H. A., and S. V. Ullas Kumar students from School of ECE, Harshit M., and Akshay G. V., students from School of C&IT, REVA University are now working towards providing complete solution to eradicate the inhuman practice of manual cleaning of sewer lines causing diseases, affecting environment and human death. The team have consulted and had discussion with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB), about the current sewage system and the problems that are faced by the people during the cleaning process.
  • Students who worked in the project of Sewage Robot established Startup Drona Automations Pvt.Ltd. on 28.06.2019 with CEO Mr. Suraj N (Alumni, School of Mechanical Engineering, REVA University)
  • Project on sewage robot got National level recognition from IIT Bombay as the best project to Product.

Brief Description:

REVA-TOYOTA Centre of Excellence is established in association with Toyota Kiroloskar Motors Pvt. Ltd under CSIR scheme to educate the engineering students in the area of automobiles in particular to working of engines. It is indeed an initiative to train the students to know the working of an Engine through the cut section assembled model of Innova Diesel engine. the practical knowledge on Internal Combustion Engine with parts associated like piston, connecting rod, crank shaft, fuel injection system valve operating system , power transmission, clutch operation, gear box working etc. are given hands on. In eight semesters, the students are given Automobile as Elective subject, all of them will be trained in making part modelling by disassembling the engine and again trained to assemble it back.


  • Through the centre of excellence in association with REVA University can help to drive the quality of training and provide more comprehensive learning opportunities for the students at the grass route level.
  • This empowers the students to be industry ready with desired skill sets and competencies, while contributing to the nation’s growth and industry’s employability ratio.
  • Toyota Centre of Excellence enables the students gain an in-depth knowledge engine composition at the gross-root level.