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We know labs are the soul when it comes to experiments & research-based engineering studies. Laboratory experiences not just provide hands-on learning, but also enhance students’ understanding of specific scientific facts and concepts.

School of Allied Health Sciences

M.Sc. - Biochemistry Labs

  • Biochemistry and Microbiology lab
  • Advanced Biochemistry lab can accommodate 60 students, where they can perform biochemical estimations and molecular assays.

B.Sc. – Medical Laboratory Technology Labs

  • Department of Biochemistry is equipped exclusively with labs such as Biochemistry, Hematology, Clinical Pathology and Microbiology; where various experiments are performed and 30 students can be accommodated. Analytical tests for blood, serum and plasma can be performed.

B.Sc. – Medical Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Labs

  • Anatomy laboratory: Models of cross section of Male Pelvis, Female Pelvis, Abdomen, Organ models for the Dissection classes and Anatomy laboratory classes. Bones and Skeletal models for Osteology classes
  • CPR training mannequin for Basic Life Support (BLS) class where students can experience hands on practice.
  • REVA health centre: KPME approved polyclinic equipped with Allengers MARS 15- SR 250 mA Xray machine along with Fuji CR Capsula CR Reader, where the students can be exposed to knowledge about the various positioning methods for X-rays with accessible clinical postings.

B.Sc. – Nutrition & Dietetics Labs

  • Nutrition & Dietetics students use the Culinary and Food analysis laboratory for modifying recipes to meet special dietary requirements or health goals and for proximate analysis.
  • The Nutritional Biochemistry laboratory is used for determining biochemical aspects of food and their application.

School of Civil Engineering

Fluid Mechanics Lab

The Fluid Mechanics Lab is equipped with live working models that will help students learn and work on hydraulic structures, irrigation and surface methods, use of surface flow models with notches & weirs, among other facilities. Students will learn the importance of models of hydraulic structure and gain hands-on experience in modelling irrigation methods.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

School of Mechanical Engineering

Robotics And 3D Library Lab

Students are taught in detail about manufacturing digitally in this lab. They gain hands-on learning experience in 3D printing and will be able to print 3D models after the completion of the course.

Robotics and 3D Library Lab

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Research Lab

The School has a research centre founded with a mission to conduct quality research studies. The lab is equipped with advanced equipment and testing facilities to drive innovation in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Research Lab

Electronics And Communication Engineering

Industry sponsored labs

NXP Semiconductors, CENTUM Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Spark Minda, IIT Bombay e-Yantra, among others are set to boost pragmatic learning. The School has industry mentored projects from industries like NXP, SparkMinda, CENTUM Electronics that enable strong foundational skills to become future engineers.

Computer Science And Engineering

Advanced Labs

More than 20 student-led projects are being carried out at the 18 advanced labs including IoT labs and others at the School

School Of Architecture


The School has four labs that comprise two computer labs, 1 climatology lab, and one material museum lab. The labs house the models ideated, designed, and built by the students.

School Of Arts, Humanities And Social Sciences

Psychology Lab

Students of Psychology conduct experiments on subjects, evaluate results, and interpret the experiment results at the lab. They gain training to further pursue counselling, therapy, assessments, among other interests.

Language Labs

More than 1,500 REVAites benefit from the language lab set up to train students in advanced English. Students listen and learn the language.

School Of Management Studies

Business Lab

A unique offering of the School, the Business Lab is set up with a mission to boost entrepreneurial skills in students. Students learn how to run businesses and transact through real-world scenarios. Students are also taught advanced softwares like SPSS, Tally, and others. Certification programmes too are conducted at the Business Lab.

Business Lab

Computing Information And Technology


The School has 5 labs to facilitate students, conduct experiments and gain hands-on learning experience in the fields of IoT, ML, AI and others.