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Student Mentoring

Mentors guide the students during their course study at REVA University. Each mentor is allotted 15 to 20 students.

Students are encouraged to share their problems with their mentors. The concerned teacher supports and guides them to solve their problems.

The candidates at times come face to face with certain social issues or problems which tend to bring inferiority complex in them. Additionally, mentors provide suggestions and address all academic, personal, career, and psychological issues.


Parent teacher meeting

Parent-teacher meetings will be organised once a semester to obtain feedback on facilities, the teaching-learning process, and mentoring. All the parents will be informed about their wards’ progress and avenues existing in the university to the students.

Medical assistance to students

A 10 bedded hospital on the campus provides medical facilities prescribed by a resident doctor and first aid for minor injuries.

Duty nurses are available 24 X7 for assistance. They take good care of students with health-related issues. Also, the University has signed MoU with corporate hospitals and during emergencies, the students will be treated there.

Further, the office of the Dean Students Welfare provides support to students to overcome challenges related to personal issues and to become successful in their education and professional life.



REVA has very good hostels caters to the needs of the students. All the rooms are widely spaced, and the surrounding environment is conducive to live and study. The hostel warden will collect feedback on the facilities and menu items to be followed in the mess. The food served in the mess is hygienic and healthy.


Remedial Classes

REVA continuously observe the progress of the students. After the first internal assessment, student who could not score good marks will be given additional/remedial classes during extra hours. Their progress will be observed after the 2nd internal assessment and further they will be given study material.