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Academic Calendar

Each calendar year starts in July and continues until June of the succeeding calendar year. An academic year is divided into two semesters of 6 months each. Academic Council and Internal Quality Assurance Cell should approve the academic activities for each semester. The academic calendar should be approved before the commencement of the academic year and strictly followed until the end of the academic year.

The academic calendar is a source of information and a planning document for staff, faculty members, students, and various departments. It includes the data of various study programmes, re-opening dates, registration dates, exam dates, internal assessment dates, result publishing dates, practical exam dates, holiday lists, and commencement of next semester. The academic calendar applies to both national and international students of REVA University.

The academic calendar is subjected to change without any prior notice. REVA University reserves the right to change or modify the fees, schedules, programmes, eligibility criteria, and rules and regulations whenever it is necessary. Registration to a programme by a student should comply with the rules and regulations of REVA University.