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REVA University Blocks

Administrative Block

The administrative block is located in the main building of REVA University. The offices of the core team of REVA, Finance, admission and branding office, COE office, and a board room with video conferencing capabilities are all located in this well-designed and large structure.

The administrative building features a stunning welcome area, wonderful décor, cutting-edge meeting rooms and other amenities. It is also considered to be an architectural marvel and is a platinum and LEED-certified building.

  • School of Performing Arts & Indic Studies
  • RACE
  • Business Lab
  • IT Solutions
  • Admissions & Branding
  • Examination Department
  • IQAC
  • HR
  • Accounts Department

Sir M. Visvesvaraya Block

Sir M Visvesaraya Block, located amidst greenery, is one of the stand-out buildings at REVA University. It houses the schools of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, C & IT, and Architecture. The building follows green architecture and methods that assure sustainability, wherein the schools do their bit by showing sensitivity towards environmental protection.

The schools located in this block offer state-of-the-art facilities to promote teamwork and collaboration among students and educators. It also has fully equipped computer labs and other extensive lab facilities that help students to acquire practical knowledge of technical and scientific principles in their field of study. The interdisciplinary approach of these schools helps to tailor the needs of the students and creates a unique pathway to their future.

All the classrooms in the Visvesaraya block are equipped with audio-visual aids, projectors and other relevant digital tools to enhance interactive learning.

  • School of Civil Engineering
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of C & IT
  • School of Architecture
  • REVA Beats

Swami Vivekananda Block

Swami Vivekananda Block is one of the noted buildings in REVA, which houses School of Legal Studies, CSA, Commerce, Management Studies, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences and a few other centres. The Training & Placement Cell, located in the same block, offers various skill development programmes to the students to enhance their employability skills. REVA Rangasthala, an amphitheatre where there is a theatre space for performances and seating arrangement for the spectators, is also located in Swami Vivekananda block.

All Schools in this block exemplify all functions associated with teaching, curriculum planning, student development and research. REVA University always supports leadership and innovation in planning the curriculum, which is executed by the respective schools with great dedication.

  • Placement & Training
  • Research & Innovation
  • International Relations
  • REVA Rangasthala
  • School of Legal Studies
  • School of CSA
  • School of Commerce
  • School of Management Studies
  • School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • C K Prahalad Seminar Hall
  • Seminar Hall in the Basement
  • REVA Media Centre
  • Language Labs
  • Moot Court

Sir C.V. Raman Block

Sir C V Raman block consists of two major Engineering Schools namely the School of ECE and the School of EEE. Both the schools housed here have a strong background in innovative teaching methodology and research studies. These schools are using cutting-edge technology and well-equipped laboratories that assist in research and development in respective fields of engineering.

The technology incubation centre, REVA NEST, is also located in Sir C V Raman Block. It aims to empower and nurture entrepreneurial skills in the students. REVA NEST supports students to incubate start-ups having innovative ideas.

  • School of ECE
  • School of EEE
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Kalpana Chawla Seminar Hall
  • GN Rao Seminar Hall
  • Arya Bhatta Seminar Hall
  • Kuvempu Auditorium
  • Amphitheatre

Science Block


The Science block is located adjacent to REVA Business Block and houses RISM and the School of Applied Sciences. It has spacious classrooms and two seminar halls namely APJ Abdul Kalam Seminar hall and Prof. Junjappa Seminar hall.

  • REVA Institute of Science & Management
  • School of Applied Sciences
  • APJ Abdul Kalam Seminar Hall
  • Prof Junjappa Seminar Hall

RBS Block

Located adjacent to the administrative block, RBS Block offers an innovative way of studying and learning experience. It provides new social and learning spaces which help students, staff and faculty to work closely together and make valuable connections. RBS Block has spacious classrooms and the building integrates beautifully with the rest of the campus. The spacious Chanakya Auditorium, which houses more than 500 people is located inside RBS block.


Central Library


REVA University has a state-of-the-art library building located amidst greenery and is easily accessible from all parts of the campus.

It functions as the primary information resource centre and a repository of printed and electronic resources for teaching, research and related activities in the University. The REVA Library has an exclusive collection of books, including electronic books and periodicals, in addition to textbooks and other reading resources. The library also has an ever-evolving collection of multi-volume reference works, encyclopaedias, fiction, non-fiction, handbooks, research journals, and other materials in addition to textbooksoks needed for each course.

  • AV Room (Library Seminar Hall)
  • Browsing Centre
  • Library