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NEP 2020

REVA University has introduced the NEP 2020 with the clear objective of enhancing the educational processes followed thus far. The University spearheaded by the vision of its Founder Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju has already been following most of the essential principles as specified in the NEP 2020. Thereupon embracing the NEP 2020 in letter and spirit is more a matter of finetuning the existing educational processes and procedures. A detailed discussion has been had at every rung of the senior leadership so that the plan of action was clear and inputs taken.

The Institution Development Plan, created with the participation of the REVA stakeholders, establishes the aspects on which the University will concentrate its actions for the next five years in cohesion with the optimal fulfillment of the Mission, Vision, and University Strategic directions through compliance with instruction, research, extension, and production.

NEP Co-ordinator
Sl.No. Name Designation Contact No. Email ID
1. Dr. M. Subramanyam Director, School of Commerce 9632390819,
Extn: 466