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Academic Regulations

The Academic Regulations of REVA apply to all the existing undergraduates, postgraduates and research scholars.

Academic Regulations are also applicable to new programmes that may be introduced in the future by the University. Academic regulations as prescribed by the University may be changed, modified, or updated based on the regulations of the government bodies or the governing bodies. REVA University exercises strict regulations to establish its competencies in the field of higher education.


Academic regulations are used to gain the respect, gratitude, and confidence of all stakeholders including parents, students, alumni, and society as a whole. All programmes offered fulfill the academic standards and quality as prescribed by the Academic Council, Research and Innovation Council, and the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the University. The University structured its academic programmes through the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP), which enable the students to choose their core subjects and electives.

Schools ensure that there is a concerted effort to address the local, national, regional and futuristic technologies apart from ensuring environment sensitivity and global needs are addressed. Pedagogy involves experiential learning, collaborative learning, flipped classrooms to inquiry based learning, case studies and technology aided learning. Cross cutting issues relevant to ethics, gender, human values, environment sustainability and heritage studies is incorporated in the curriculum. Bridge courses are offered at the beginning of the academic session to ensure language competency and other math and course specific requirement is addressed