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Research &
Development Cell

The Research and Development cell aims to continuously liaise with various funding agencies, R&D institutions, industries and faculty members of REVA University to facilitate for undertaking innovative research in cutting-edge areas of application and social relevance.

Dean's Message

Dr. Divakar

Dr. Divakar

Research and Innovations in REVA University is regarded as one of the most important activities besides teaching and learning.

The university with dedicated & qualified faculty, dynamic research scholars, moderate research facilities, well drafted research quality assurance guidelines, and supportive management provides an excellent ambience to pursue research in various disciplines ranging from Engineering, applied sciences, commerce & Management, Arts & Humanities, social Sciences, Performing Arts, Legal Studies and multidisciplinary studies. Research circles, mentored by senior faculty members are active in all the schools and are primarily responsible for cultivating interdisciplinary research cultures in students and faculty.

Faculty members are successful in procuring grants from various government and industrial organizations with the matching grants from the university. Societal issues are the primary focus for students and faculty members to carryout explorative research. The well structured regulations in line with UGC regulations and experts in relevant disciplines provide an enriching experience for research scholars. The rigorous course works followed by comprehensive progress review meetings make the research program at REVA truly competitive. The university with its modest beginning has a grand vision to be recognized as a university committed for applied research towards societal issues. We invite dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic researchers to be a part of this grand vision.


Dr. Divakar B.P.

Director, Research & Development Cell

Dr. Pasupuleti Visweswara Rao

Professor and Director - International Relations and Research Collaborations

Dr. Mrinal Sarvagya

Research Professor

Dr. Vishwanath R Hulipalled

Deputy Director, Academic Research

Dr. Karthik Rajendra

Deputy Director, Sponsored Research

Research Verticals

Sl No Name Designation School E-Mail
1 Dr. Syed Muzamil Basha Associate Professor Computing  Science and Engineering
2 Dr. Udaya Murthy Associate Professor Computer Science and Information Technology
3 Dr. K Praveen Assistant Professor Civil Engineering
4 Dr. P I Basarkod Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering
5 Dr. Shamanth  V Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering
6 Mrs. Bhargavi K M Assistant Professor Electrical & Electronics Engineering
7 Mr. Saisanath G Associate Professor Architecture
8 Dr. Manjula K R Associate Professor  School of Applied Sciences (Biotechnology)
9 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Kushwaha Associate Professor  School of Applied Sciences (Biochemistry)
10 Dr. M Madesh Kumar Professor School of Applied Sciences (Physics)
11 Dr. Vasantha D M Associate Professor School of Applied Sciences (Mathematics)
12 Dr. K S Hemanth Associate Professor Computer Science and Applications
13 Dr. Sathish Reddy Assistant Professor School of Applied Sciences (Chemistry)
14 Dr. Kalicharan M L Assistant Professor School of Legal Studies
15 Dr. Abhisarika Prajapati Assistant Professor School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
16 Dr. Smitha M Reddy Assistant Professor School of Performing Arts
17 Dr. Shakti Chaturvedi Asssistant Professor RBS
18 Dr. Rajalakshmi V Assistant Professor Commerce
19 Mrs. Maria Boaler Assistant Professor Management Studies
20 Dr. Rashmi Agarwal Assistant Professor RACE
21 Adithya Poojary Assistant Manager UIIC
22 Dr. Vishwanath R Hulipalled Deputy Professor Research and Development Cell

Research Circles

RU strives to create an ambience for research culture by establishing research circles in every school to mentor faculty members by senior members specialized in specific fields.


Thrust Areas of Research

  • Electronics and Communications: MEMS; Nano Electronics, Cognitive Radio, Underwater Wireless Communications, Aviation Electronics, VLSI.
  • Computing and Information Technology: Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Networks, Data Analysis, Healthcare, Wearable Wireless Sensor Networks, VLSI & Embedded Systems, IOT.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Bio-fuels, emission study of engines, Nano technology for coatings, composites, vibration analysis, and virtual lab.
  • Civil Engineering: Innovative Concretes Reinforced Earth, Special Foundations, and Liquefaction Resistance of Soils.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Electric Vehicle, ultra capacitor applications in EV, Multilevel inverter applications, Battery Management system, Micro Grid, LED lightings, Renewable Energy Sources and active filter.
  • Management Studies: Strategic leadership and innovative entrepreneurship, Functional development management, Managing technology and innovation, Resources management and sustainable development, corporate responsibilities, Ethics and accountability.
  • Arts & Humanities: Gender Studies, Diaspora Studies, Feminism, English Language Teaching (ELT), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Culture Studies.
  • Applied Sciences: Organic Chemistry Electrochemical synthesis, ultra capacitors, Polymers, composites, Nano materials and crystallography; Bio Control technologies, anti-inflammatory compounds cardio vascular dieses, synthesis of compounds and plant bio chemistry; Material science, semiconductor thin films and nuclear physics; Goal programming, graph theory image processing, queing theory, Fuzzy modelling, fluid dynamics and finsler geometry.
  • Performing Arts: Evolution, development of Indian classical dances - Study of cultural, socio- religious, socio- political and ritualistic aspects of all the classical dance forms of India, Indian Aesthetics- Rasa Siddhanta, Ancient, medieval and modern history of classical and folk dances, Dance Pedagogy for visually impaired dancers, Dance manual in stone- study of dance sculptures and figurines.
  • Legal Studies: Cyber Security, Juvenile justice, Medicinal law, Human rights, IPR.
  • Bio Electronics: Biosensors, Bio simulation modelling, Bioinformatics, Healthcare Informatics, Agri and Green technology, Bioenergy and Nanotechnology, Cognitive Science, Neuromorphic Engineerin, Cancer research

R&I Innovation Club

Research and Innovation club is started to identify and nurture young talents to take up interdisciplinary projects. Students across schools are encouraged to work on projects of interdisciplinary nature under the guidance of faculty mentors. Promotion of Scientific temperament and multidisciplinary research among students is the main agenda of Research & Innovation club. Motivated students mentored by faculty across all disciplines come together on a common platform with a mission to take up tasks of common interests. Students participate in competitions like Hackathon, Android development, IOT applications, SAE-competitions and have won accolades in various national championships.