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The Institution's Innovation Council at REVA University focus on creating a complete environment to nurture the culture of Innovation across the REVA University from ideas generation to pre-incubation, incubation and graduating from the incubator as successful start-ups. REVA IIC will also work on assessment systems to categorise and progress students to transform themselves from reliant to start-ups. IIC is set up to inspire the innovative vitality of our student population to exertion on new ideas and innovation and endorse them to produce start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.


To create an ecosystem that will foster and support entrepreneurship by translating innovative technology ideas into successful ventures offering products, processes and services that greatly benefit the society at large.


To provide conducive support system that helps in nurturing technology based innovative start-ups towards sustainability and scalability

The Institutions Innovation Council REVA University Started in FY 2019 -2020. The Main focus of the IIC, REVA University is to create the vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in the University. In FY 2019 -2020 79 innovation, Entrepreneurship, start-ups related activities are conducted throughout the campus and overall 10442 students are got benefited through this programs. In FY 2020-2021 70+ Events are conducted and overall 9000+ students are benefitted through this programs.


Total Number of Participants Benefitted through IIC programs


Resources and Strength of the IIC, REVA University:

Total No. of IIC Members Total Innovation Ambassadors Total No. of faculty Mentors IEDC Unit Incubation Units IP Facilitation Unit
17 24 10 12 23 3

Mentee Institutions:

SL NO Mentee Institute State Zone
1 B.L.D.E. UNIVERSITY Karnataka South-West/SWRO
2 Chandigarh Engineering College, Jhanjeri Punjab North-West/NWRO
3 Kumaraguru College Of Liberal Arts And Science Tamil Nadu Southern/SRO
4 Sri Aurobindo College Karnataka South-West/SWRO
5 ITM University Chhattisgarh Central/CRO