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Outdoor Learning

REVA University offers a unique learning environment which gives the students the best of modern pedagogy coupled with traditional pedagogy. The Gazebos at the campus are used generously by Schools to ensure there is open space for learning apart from the teacher-learner compatibility in outdoor learning.

The gazebos that have been set up with great thought and focus for students at the University campus blend outdoor learning, aligned with the Gurukul system of learning of our ancient past apart from offering an experiential learning experience. This enables the learner to be ahead of others in this competitive world. The gazebos are extensively used for one-to-one learning and teacher interface in a positive learning environment by selective faculty for selective courses.


Schools of Performing Arts, Humanities, and Architecture are the major benefactors of the Gazebo learning space. The perfect landscape and soft cape lend the right ambience for learning outdoors for the students.

REVA believes that the students apart from their in-depth subject knowledge, need to upkeep themselves with a variety of skills coupled with team spirit and leadership qualities.  It promotes various kinds of activities apart from classroom lectures and lab practices. REVA has an adequate number of auditoriums and seminar halls to facilitate such curricular and co-curricular activities.