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International Standards

With the rapidly changing higher education, REVA sets quality standards in its education system on par with Accreditation agencies.


The engineering curriculum has been designed by taking into consideration international societies such as ASME, ASCE and IEEE and AICTE guidelines. Arts, Humanities, Management, and science related programmes have been designed as UGC guidelines.

REVA made efforts to integrate standardization into educational curricula and published a brochure on good practices in teaching learning process on par with international standards. REVA is applied for international quality-management standards to improve student satisfaction, increase effectiveness and efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.

  • certified
  • The infrastructure at REVA University meets the international standards and has centre of excellence to carryout current research in the areas of engineering, sciences, and management. REVA has obtained ISO 9001 -2016 certificate in the year 2018 and valid up to 2024.

The conduction of examinations and setting up questions papers are flowed blooms level and performance indicators. The scientific research at REVA University is sufficiently at high level and the research programmes vividly distributed across disciplines and addresses mainly the society needs. The research out put is in the form publications in reputed journals and for its innovations, REVA has been granted with patents of international repute.