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Paperless Examination

Conducting examinations in a secure and efficient manner is the core aspect of REVA University. The entire process of conducting an exam, right from authoring questions, delivering the exams, evaluating the responses and declaring results are accomplished digitally, thereby eliminating the necessity of paper in the entire process of adopting the Tab based examination option.

All the Internal Assessment (IA) and Semester end examination (SEE) are being conducted as Paper less examinations, and Tablets are used in order to make the entire examination process itself Ecofriendly.

Paperless examinations are customised exams and tablets have the biometric/retina capturing facility which is completely secure. It will enhance the student’s exam-taking experience and will empower the Controller of Examinations (CoE) with more control over security and logistics. The evaluation process will also improve by increasing efficiency and accuracy of marking by evaluators.