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REVA University is dedicated to foster research and innovation, and in the last two decades, we have been committed to develop rich intellectual wealth.

Apart from liaising with R&D organizations, funding agencies, research bodies, the Council promotes research culture in the university, formulates research policies, identifies thrust areas of research, provides training to young faculty members in preparing research proposals / writing technical articles, and encourages interdisciplinary research.


To be recognized as one of the leading universities in applied research for the betterment of society.


  • To provide an environment that promotes research culture.
  • To provide interdisciplinary research and to involve students for research related activities.
  • To promote scientific temperament and research culture in faculty and students.
  • To identify young talents and mould them to become future researchers.
  • To engage faculty across disciplines for multidisciplinary projects.
  • To facilitate undertaking of cutting edge research with support from private, government and research organizations.
  • To establish center of excellence in all schools.

Dean's Message


Dr. B. P. Divakar

Dean Research & Development Cell

REVA University

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Research and Innovations in REVA University is regarded as one of the most important activities besides teaching and learning. The university with dedicated & qualified faculty, dynamic research scholars, moderate research facilities, well drafted research quality assurance guidelines, and supportive management provides an excellent ambience to pursue research in various disciplines. Research circles, mentored by senior faculty members are active in all the schools and are primarily responsible for cultivating interdisciplinary research cultures in students and faculty. Faculty members are successful in procuring grants from various government and industrial organizations with the matching grants from the university.

Societal issues are the primary focus for students and faculty members to carry out explorative research. The well-structured regulations in line with UGC regulations and experts in relevant disciplines provide an enriching experience for research scholars. The rigorous course work followed by comprehensive progress review meetings make the research programme at REVA truly competitive. The university with its modest beginning has a grand vision to be recognized as a university committed for applied research towards societal issues. We invite dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic researchers to be a part of this grand vision.

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