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From COE's Desk

The office of examination and evaluation is a well-defined set up with clear responsibility towards examination and evaluation and ensures fair and timely conduct of examinations for all branches and programs, followed by timely announcement of results. The examination section comprises of a dynamic team that ensures maintenance of sanctity of the entire process of examination and evaluation. The focus is on making examination and assessment a robust, objective, transparent and scalable model that is technology efficient too.

Aligning to the requirements of examination reforms, the office envisages the need for reforms and constantly works towards equipping ourselves to take on challenges efficiently.

Responding to the requirements of transparency, objectivity and efficiency, the examination office adopts an automated examination system. This initiative has transformed the conventional examination and evaluation process to a digital platform with tab-based examination and digital evaluation. As a result, the entire process from registration to announcement of results takes place on digital platforms. Structured training programs and SOPs ensure efficient execution of the process.

With effective use of technology, the administration and management of examination system ensures confidentiality, transparency, and enhanced efficiency with minimal human intervention. Timely reviews, sound feedback system and clear guidelines ensure strict monitoring and functioning of examination and Evaluation system.

Dr. Beena G.

Controller of Examinations (CoE)