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Learning and Pedagogy


In 2016, when traditional teaching-learning methods were the only way of learning

REVA University envisioned the need to adopt future-ready, technology-based learning, and accordingly, a foundation was laid to build the necessary technological infrastructure. At the REVA Digital Summit, in the same year, a five-year plan was chalked out to make tech-driven learning a reality.

While we are enabled to conduct 100% online classes and digital examinations, the University is constantly striving to adopt modern methods that will enrich the learning experience for students at REVA University.


The ethos of REVA University is driven to be future-ready and offer exemplary academic experience. The academic infrastructure at the University further boosts our mission.

In 2020, when the landscape of education changed, and Blended Learning became new the normal, REVA University was ahead of time and transitioned to online classes in less than 3 days.


  • 2016 REVA DIGITAL SUMMIT, a five-year plan to drive tech-based learning.
  • 2017 Foundation laid to be 100% digitized campus.
  • 2018-19 REVA is a 100% digitized campus.
  • 2019-2020 Development of smart classrooms.
  • 2020 REVA transitions from offline to online classes in 3 days. Successfully conducted virtual convocation. Nearly 4,000 new students were welcomed virtually in the academic year 2020-21. More than 1.5 million online sessions conducted so far.
  • 2021 Wi-fi enabled campus, 200+ smart classrooms, tab-based examinations.
  • 2021 Dedicated ICT department to focus on digital enablement and seamless working environment for all stakeholders.
  • 2021 Dedicated, single-window help desk for student, parent queries.
  • 2021 Exclusive apps for students to ease teacher-student communication and academic processes.