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Counselling Centre

During our growing years into adolescence or youth, there are many learnings, experiences and achievements, not only in academics but also in other areas such as sports, personality development, relating with people and much more.


Manodhaara – REVA Centre for Well-Being


Manodhaara-REVA Centre for Well-being is a student support service offered by REVA University in Bengaluru. Our mission is to help students to transform themselves to achieve their best physical and mental health through various services that cater to their needs.

At Manodhaara, we understand that students face a variety of challenges that can impact their overall health and well-being, not just their academic and social growth. That's why we take a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to help students achieve balance and harmony in their lives so that they can thrive academically and personally.

Currently housed in G-03, Vivekananda Block, the centre is nestled among the engineering and non-engineering schools, easily accessible to the students, but secluded enough to offer them privacy. We are committed to provide a safe and supportive environment, where students feel safe and comfortable seeking help.


Our Approach

At Manodhaara, we believe that well-being is not only about physical health, but also about emotional and psychological health. That's why we offer counselling services to help students cope with stress, anxiety, and other challenges that can impact their mental well-being.

We also understand that seeking help can be challenging, so the services come to you with an assurance that all information shared would be confidential and only by consent. Our goal is to help students develop healthy coping skills, improve relationships and grow to their fullest potential.


Student Services include individual counselling and therapy for individuals, small groups, parents and teachers; talks and workshops are also conducted for large groups by the in-house counsellors. Preliminary assessment for disorders like anxiety, depression, Mood disorders, etc. are done and referred further to the psychiatrist where needed.

The University’s in-house Yoga and Zumba expert works closely with the counselling team using Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and dance as supportive therapeutic measures. We also have experts from other organizations offering medical and psychiatric services on a referral basis. Manodhaara has partnered with Mind and Brain Hospital, Bangalore, and through this collaboration, we will be offering training, internships and job opportunities for students of psychology, under the guidance of expert neuropsychiatrists, psychologists and special educators. We are in the process of collaborating with other Healthcare organizations like NIMHANS and I-AIM / Transdisciplinary University.

Manodhaara’s focus for the well-being of the students is on enabling them to understand and take charge of their own health. So our approach is holistic as well as preventive. Psycho-education through workshops and talks are conducted throughout the year. Experts from the field of medicine, psychiatry, rehabilitation, nutrition etc., are regularly invited to interact with the students.


The Centre is looking to expand its activities into research, training and outreach programmes not just for the REVA family but to the community at large, and in particular for the benefit of the students of the Government schools that have been adopted by REVA University. Our vision is to create a one-of-its-kind wellness centre that is a one-stop solution to all well-being concerns.


In the process, it is quite common to face some of the challenges such as:

  • Physical changes
  • Emotional changes & problems
  • Behavioural issues
  • Educational/Academic challenges
  • Psychological problems
  • Social Problems
  • Addiction – Smoking, Alcoholism, Cyberspace
  • Aggression

Surprisingly, most youngsters go through more than one such challenge which results in an unpredictable lifestyle that may have a negative impact on their academic performance as well as behavioural pattern. They are reluctant to discuss their problems with their own parents, teachers/lecturers, friends and relatives as they get worried about the consequences.

Our University has provided counselling services within the campus. Counsellors offer talk-based therapy, which is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems with a counsellor.

The counsellor helps you to address your problems in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.


Dr Monica S. Sharma is the counsellor at Manodhaara – REVA Centre for Wellbeing, the counselling centre at REVA University. With a vast experience of having counselled school students, parents, and teachers as well as clinical counselling experience for psychological issues, Dr Monica has been working with REVAites on various areas of counselling. Dr Monica works with students on classroom management and classroom behaviour management lts as well as other social-emotional issues.


The counselling centre provides quality mental health interventions that enhance well-being and offer students a more meaningful and successful college experience. Individual and group counselling are available to students who are having difficulty with emotional, behavioural, academic, or adjustment concerns. The counselling process is used to clarify problems, establish realistic goals and develop active short-term treatment solutions.

Counsellors are available at Swami Vivekananda Block, Room #G-03, Monday to Saturday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Lunch Break: 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm