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Academic Research

The university is striving to mobilize funding from various funding agencies, industries and such others to excel and thrive in accomplishing quality research and make its mark in the research map of the country.


The university has over 700 faculty members engaged in active research in varied areas of specialisations. The majority of these researchers are young and enthusiastic in pursuing research in cutting-edge technologies of social relevance. As a university oriented towards research, REVA has research programmes leading to Ph.D degrees in various disciplines.

  • 700+

    Faculty Members

  • 900+

    Registered Ph.D scholars

Presently, there are nearly 900 registered Ph.D scholars working on various problems relating to Engineering, Architecture, Science & Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Legal Studies, Education, Arts & Humanities.

The university, having committed to promote research and learning, together provides an opportunity for a large band of students to work on research-oriented projects under the guidance of faculty members. This is achieved through the formation of research circles involving students from different disciplines to develop teams of interdisciplinary studies and research.



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