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21 Jun 2023

International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems ICICNIS 2023

International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems ICICNIS 2023,21-22, June 2023

Organized by School of Computer Science and Engineering REVA University Bengaluru, India
Presentation Mode: ONLINE

Scope of the Conference

In recent years, Internet of Things [IoT] technology envisions to develop a hyper-connected world, where the intelligent systems can communicate and control each other to deliver highly diversified services and applications to the users. The primary motivation of ICICNIS 2023 is to deliver state-of-the-art research insights on Internet of things [IoT] paradigm to access, manage and control the objects/things/people working under various information systems and deployed under wide range of applications like smart cities, health care, industries, smart homes, etc. International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems [ICICNIS 2023] aims to showcase the ongoing research works and efforts in the domain of computation management, control networks in IoT Systems. This issue will provide the opportunity for the researchers/academicians/industrialists to gain intensive knowledge on the new emerging IoT technologies and applications.

About - REVA University

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Call for Paper

Each of the below-mentioned topic areas is expanded but the sub-topics list is not comprehensive. Papers may address one or more of the listed sub-topics, although authors should not be limited by it. The unlisted topics that are related to the mentioned sub-topics are also acceptable, provided they fit in any of the following primary topic areas:

Internet of Things [IoT] Architecture

· Ubiquitous Networking and Communication protocols
· Machine-to-Machine Communications
· IoT architecture with 5G and beyond networks
· Data Analytics and Big Data Architectures
· Hardware and Software Architectures for IoT and IoE
· Architectures for IoT and Service Computing
· Intelligent Communication Infrastructure
· Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics
· Multimedia Data and Analysis

Internet of Things [IoT] Models

· Robotic and autonomous IoT Models
· Web of Things
· Cloud/Edge Computing based Models
· Interoperability and Self-adaptation Models
· Security and Privacy in IoT
· Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Models
· Authentication and Authorization Models
· Performance Evaluation, Modelling and Analysis

Computing and Control Networks

· Distributed Computing and Control Networks
· Intelligent Sensing, Actuation and Control
· Control Theory and Applications
· Autonomous Control and Sensor Systems
· Smart and Robust Control Systems
· Networked Control Systems
· Multi-objective Optimization Control and Smart Grids
· Fuzzy and Neural Network based Control Techniques
· Heterogeneous Wireless Networks and Control


· Large Scale Data Processing
· Healthcare
· Automotive Industries and Industry 4.0
· Smart Cities
· Intelligent Virtual Environment
· Security Applications
· Mobile and Wearable Applications
· Social Networks and E-Commerce

Important Dates

Final-Paper Submission Deadline-12 May, 2023
Registration Deadline-20 May, 2023
Date of Conference-21-22, June 2023


Chief Patrons
Dr. P. Shyama Raju Hon’ble Chancellor REVA University
Mr. Umesh S Raju Pro Chancellor REVA University


Dr. M. Dhanamjaya Vice Chancellor REVA University
Dr. Rajashekhar C Biradar Pro Vice Chancellor REVA University
Dr. N Ramesh Registrar REVA University

General Chair

Dr. Ashwinkumar U.M. Director School of Computer Science and Engineering REVA University

Conference Chair

Dr. Syed Muzamil Basha Associate Professor School of Computer Science and Engineering REVA University

Dr. Syed Muzamil Basha, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, REVA University. Email: Phone: +91-9940789252

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International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems ICICNIS 2023