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Activity and workshops

12 Aug 2022

Chemical Laboratory Safety


Report of workshop on “Chemical Laboratory Safety”

  • Organized by: Department of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences
  • Date: 12th - 13th August 2022

Resource Person


Day 1

Dr. Eswaramoorthy M.

Professor, Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore 


Day 2

Dr. Ravindra Singh

Director R&D



Dr. Madhusudana Reddy M. B.

Professor & Head
Department of Chemistry, REVA University

Day 1

The gathering of students, research scholars and teachers on Friday, the 12th of August 2022, were welcomed by Ms. Swarna R., followed by greetings from the Registrar Dr. N. Ramesh. Subsequently Dr. Eswaramoorthy addressed the gathering and stressed upon the need for good laboratory practices and safety measure citing the examples of chemical accidents from the history of chemistry.

The presidential remarks were given by Vice-Chancellor Dr. M. Dhanamjaya, and vote of thanks by Dr. Madhusudana Reddy. This was followed by keynote lecture. Dr. Eswaramoorthy gave an interesting talk on Green Chemistry & Catalysis. He discussed upon the need for safety in chemical laboratories and exemplified the art and performing chemical reactions under greener conditions.


He also highlighted the need for catalysts in organic reactions. Further discussions were on implementing the principles of the green chemistry in innovations, and provoked the thoughts about energy and conservation. In line with the workshop, the M.Sc students of the IVth semester presented their research works carried out as a part of internship and was adjudicated by three external and internal examiners in the disciplines of Organic, Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry. The best nine presentations were selected for finale.


Day 2

The afternoon witnessed an extensive lecture from Mr. Vidya Sagar of Merck-India about chemical safety and the practices that have to be followed in the laboratory. Discussions were made about the chemical spillages, handling measures and accidents safety protocols. To further demonstrate this, the students were given an awareness by Mr. Bharath and Mr. Sankar about the equipments and devices that are used in laboratories and chemical plants.

The students and guests were welcomed to the valedictory function by Ms. Swarna R. The valedictory function was graced by Dr. Ravindra Singh from Merck-India, and presided over by the Registrar Dr. N. Ramesh and Associate Dean SoAS Dr. P. Ramachandra. Dr. Singh was introduced to the gathering by Dr. Shivakumara S. The guest elaborated upon the themes of safety as the essential need of the hour, in any chemical environment, and how every company adheres to the safety policies. Dr. Ramesh shared his thoughts and views, highlighting the importance of the workshop. The best presentation awards were distributed by the Dr. Ravindra Singh. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. H. Nagarajaiah.

Chemical Laboratory Safety