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IPR Cell

About IPR Cell

Vision of IP Cell at REVA University:

To become a centre of excellence in creating human resources in the field of Intellectual property rights and establish a system of value based knowledge in IPR.


To Provide IPR education to the faculty and students. To manage innovation and IPR within the framework of curricula in various programs. To contribute for socio-economic development through IPR.


To develop human resources in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. To create IPR Awareness and to implement different programmes in the University. To advise all the faculty and students on the importance of IPR and help them in filing Patents and provide necessary guidelines.

To provide IPRs protection information, orientation, and facilities to University researchers. To guide & advise faculty and students on how to obtain & sustain patents and help them to approach patent information centre.

To provide a goal-oriented research that is targeted towards societal needs and market needs. Based knowledge in IPR.