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Assistant Professor (School of Performing Arts and Indic Studies)


BA., MA., and Ph.D.

Specialization in

Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Mohiniyattam, Kathak, Theatre and Music

Key requirements

  • Good academic record with at least 60% marks (or an equivalent grade in a seven-point scale wherever grading system is followed) at the Master’s Degree level in a relevant subject.
  • Good academic record with a Ph.D. Degree in the relevant disciplines.
  • Curriculum development
  • Academic administration
  • Student Mentoring

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • A keen sense of enquiry to result in innovation with a view to create an impact
  • A teacher-researcher (or vise-versa) with an openness to attain proficiency in the other area
  • A willingness to unlearn and re-learn
  • Faith and commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching
  • Well networked with respected senior academicians in ones area of interest both in India and abroad
  • Experience in and/or keenness towards Institution building activities
  • Excitement about research towards offering composite solutions to the industry
  • Connecting closely with the industry with a view to swiftly adapt syllabus and/or content and in so doing, making our students job ready and distinctly unique viz-a viz their peers
  • Create and deliver globally relevant courses with emphasis on experiential learning
  • Collaborative approach towards learning, teaching, research and functioning.
  • Be instrumental in challenging the way students think, learn and develop their understanding of academic disciplines.
  • Develop core curriculum and deliver course material effectively.
  • Publishing research, attending conferences, and delivering presentations to build a strong research network.
  • Organizing seminars and events to interact with established industry professionals.
  • Reviewing methods and teaching materials to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Supervising, advising, mentoring teaching assistants and graduate students.
  • Guiding and mentoring research scholars.