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B.A. – Journalism with Political Science

Course Duration

6 Semesters
(3 years)

Eligibility Criteria

Pass in PUC / 10+2 of any recognised Board / Council or any other qualification recognised as equivalent thereto.


B.A. in Journalism and Political Science is a three year course that can answer numerous problems of political polarization and economic volatility assailing the complex society of the present times. BA in Journalism and Political Science is geared to create politically aware citizens who can contribute to the area of Journalism, Civil Services, and Politics as well as build strategies to shape the economy of the country.

The aim of the programme is to create graduates with critical, analytical, and research abilities to work in the media and entertainment sector. It further intends to develop an understanding of Political Science and Journalism as a profession amongst its students, while creating politically aware students.

The course will entail Skill Development Programs and Workshops on Political Communication, Photography, Copy Writing, Political Speech Writing, Election Awareness campaigns, Mock Parliament sessions, International Relations. The students will gain political insights through internships in political parties, political action committees, civic groups and NGOs. The course will also help them with organized various extension and outreach activities, such as street play, educative programs, NGO visits etc. The students will be taken on industrial visits to High Court, Press Clubs, State Legislative House Vidhana Soudha, Gram Panchayats, etc besides the mentoring research activities in both journalism and political science.

The programme will help students acquire proficiency to pursue higher studies in any of these branches of studies. Students will also be trained and equipped to address various competitive exams for the banking sector, and central and state administrative government jobs. The degree program will aid the students to become future aspirants in several roles of leadership. The department offers various workshops and training programs in UPSC preparation, which will help the young minds, get into civil service and help in the administration of the country.

What Will I Experience?

Gain an understanding of core disciplines associated with Political Science and Journalism- and gather proficiency and eligibility to pursue higher studies in any of the branches of studies. Be equipped to address various competitive exams for the banking sector, central and state administrative government jobs. Acquire good placement opportunities and career support from experienced faculty members and the placement team.

Academic Objectives

The aim of the programme is to create graduates with critical, analytical and research abilities to work in the media, civil administration and entertainment sector.

Course Curriculum

01Core Concepts of Political Science

02Introduction to Political Theory

03Contemporary Trends in Mass Media

04Social Media Storytelling (Theory)

  • Brand Ecology (Theory)

05Social Media Storytelling (Practical)

  • Brand Ecology (Practical)

06SEC1-Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence

07SEC1-Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence Lab

08Communicative English – I

09Language – II: Kannada - I

  • Language – II: Hindi - I
  • Language – II: Hindi - I

01Western Political Thought

02Core Concepts of Public Administration

03Reporting and Editing

04Lab Journal Production

05Leadership Essentials

06Technical Writing

  • Technical Writing Lab

07Communicative English – II

08Language – II: Kannada - II

  • Language – II: Hindi - II
  • Language – II: Additional English - II

09Tree Plantation in Tropical Region: Benefits and Strategic Planning

01Theories of International Relations

02World Constitutions

03Multimedia Production (Theory)

04Multimedia Production (Practical)

05Public Policy in India

  • Ethics and Governance

06Event Management

  • Event Management Lab

07Language – II: Kannada - III

  • Language – II: Hindi - III
  • Language – II: Additional English - III

08Environmental Science

01Debates in Political Theory

02South Asia and the World

03Photography Techniques (Theory)

04Photography Techniques (Practical)

05Contemporary Economic Issues

06Basics in MS Office

07Basics in MS Office -Practical

08Language II: Kannada - IV

  • Language II: Hindi - IV
  • Language II: Additional English - IV

09Indian Constitution and Human Rights

10Yoga/ Health and Wellness

01Public Institutions and Governance

02Parties, Elections and Political Process in India

03Media Laws and Ethics

04Entrepreneurial Development

  • Economic History of India

05Consumer Psychology

06Soft Skills Training

07Writing for Television

  • Lab-Writing for Television

01Local Governance in India

02Social Movements and Revolutions

03Advertising and Corporate Communication (Theory)

04Advertising and Corporate Communication (Practical)

05Integrated Marketing Communication

06Internship/ Research Project

01Media Research

02Mass Communication Theories

03Entrepreneurship in Media

04Feature and Magazine Writing (Theory)

  • Content Creation for the Web (Theory)

05Feature and Magazine Writing (Practical)

  • Content Creation for the Web (Practical)

06Film Appreciation

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

07Research Paper Writing (Journalism)

01Media and Globalization

02Development Communication

03Digital Media Marketing (Theory)

04Digital Media Marketing (Practical)

05Political Economy of Media

  • Subaltern Narratives in Media

06Internship/Major Research Project

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

After few years of graduation, the graduates of B.A. – Journalism (Major) and Political Science (Minor) will be able to:


Pursue Higher Education and carry out research in Universities at national and international level.


Occupy a position and work as a team member in Public, Private, Corporate and Government Sector as techno managers, academicians, administrators or entrepreneurs, investigative agencies with effective Communication and moral principles.


Effectively work in administrative and communicate profiles for the betterment of the society and nation

Programme Outcomes (POs)

On successful completion of the program, the graduates of B.A. (Political Science, Economics, Journalism) will be able to:

PO 1

Disciplinary knowledge: Demonstrating comprehensive knowledge in understanding the field of Journalism & Political Science.

PO 2

Reasoning: Analyze, interpret and draw conclusions from evidence and experiences from an open-minded and reasoned perspective.

PO 3

Problem solving: Extrapolate and apply their competencies to solve different kinds of non-familiar problems and apply one’s learning to real life situations using curriculum content knowledge.

PO 4

Environment and Sustainability: Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development.

PO 5

Research-related skills: Recognize cause-and-effect relationships, define problems, formulate hypotheses, test hypotheses, analyze, interpret and draw conclusions from data, establish hypotheses, predict cause-and-effect relationships; ability to plan, execute and report the results of an experiment or investigation.

PO 6

Ethics: Recognize different value systems including your own, understand the moral dimensions of your decisions, and accept responsibility for them.

PO 7

Cooperation/Team work: Work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams; facilitate cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group, and act together as a group or a team in the interests of a common cause and work efficiently as a member of a team

PO 8

Communication Skills: Express thoughts and ideas effectively in writing and orally; Communicate with others using appropriate media; confidently share one’s views and express herself/himself; demonstrate the ability to listen carefully, read and write analytically, and present complex information in a clear and concise manner to different groups.

PO 9

Self-directed and Life-long Learning: Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context socio-technological changes

Programme Specific Outcomes

On successful completion of the program, the graduates of B.A. (Political Science, Economics, Journalism) will be able to:

  • PSO1: Demonstrate the Knowledge in Journalism & Political Science
  • PSO2: Analyze and report the problems in political science & Geo-politics by understanding the rapid developments in the country.
  • PSO3: Use different techniques to gather information in Journalism and report effectively.

Career Opportunities

  • Media Management and administration in public and private sectors
  • Academia Banking Economic Consultancy
  • Political campaign manager
  • Career as a politician
  • Political consultant International business specialist PR specialist
  • Market researcher
  • Journalists in print media Electronic and New Media