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Diploma and Certificate in Kuchipudi

Course Duration

2 Semesters
(1 Year)

Eligibility Criteria

Certificate programme – Interested students in Art and Dance.

Diploma programme – Students should have passed 10th grade or must be 16 years and above of age.


The Certificate and Diploma programmes are vocational courses offered by the School of Performing Arts in the genres of Dance, Music and Theatre. The School offers the dance forms of Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Odissi and music forms of Carnatic and Hindustani genres for its Certificate and Diploma courses. The School is also offering a Diploma and Certificate in the Theatre arts. The students of these programmes learn the theoretical aspects of the art form along with the practical aspects which is the need of the hour. We are currently living in an era where the performing artists need to have a strong theoretical understanding of the art form they are pursuing to enable them to not just understand the intricacies of the art form but also for them to acquire a voice to talk about it on social platforms and also to pass it on to the next generations. The Certificate and the Diploma programmes of School of Performing Arts would instill in its students an enthusiasm to teach the subject and ensures that they become professional performers.

Course Curriculum

01Unit 1:

  • Origin of Natya according to NatyaSastra of Bharata Muni
  • Introduction to 11 aspects of Natyasastra

02Unit 2:

  • Study of the 8 Indian Classical Dance Forms
  • Abhinaya and its 4 aspects
  • SaptaTala

03Unit 3:

  • History and Development of Kuchipudi
  • Siddendra Yogi and Bhama Kalapam

04Unit 4:

  • Anga, Upanga and Pratyanga
  • Asamyuta and Samyuta Hasta Shlokas from AbhinayaDarpanam
  • Greeva, Shiro, Drishti and PaadaBhedaShlokas from Abhinaya Darpanam

05Unit 5: Definitions of

  • Nritta
  • Nritya
  • Natya
  • Sollukattu
  • Teerumanam
  • Korvai
  • Aramandi
  • Soushtavam
  • Swara
  • Jathi


  • Basic Exercises
  • Adugulu
  • Jathulu
  • Poorvarangam – 1
  • Jathiswaram – 1
  • Koutvam – 1
  • Shabdam – 1

01Unit 1:

  • Nayika Bhedas
  • Ashta Nayika Avasthas
  • Nayaka Bhedas

02Unit 2:

  • Vibhava, Anubhava, Bhava
  • Rasa Theory

03Unit 3:

  • Solo repertoire of Kuchipudi Dance
  • Traditional Yakshaganas of Kuchipudi
  • Composers in Kuchipudi

04Unit 4: Biographies of Gurus

  • Chinta Venkata Ramayya
  • Vedantam Lakshmi Narayana Sastry
  • Vempati Chinna Satyam
  • Vedantam Satyanarayana Sharma

05Unit 5:

  • Shlokas of Bandhavya
  • Chaturvarna
  • Navagraha and Dasavatara Hastas


  • Bhama Kalapam Pravesa Daruvu
  • Tarangam – 1
  • Padam/Javali - 1
  • Thillana - 1

Career Opportunities

The students who study Certificate and Diploma in Performing Arts can have some of the unconventional career opportunities as below:

  • Dance Performers (Dance)
  • Actors and Actresses (Theatre)
  • Dance, Music and Theatre teachers
  • Arts Entrepreneurs
  • Arts Managers
  • Choreographers (Dance)
  • Indian / SAARC Nationals₹ 1000
  • NRI Fee$ 2000
  • Foreign NationalsUS$ 50