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Equipment Details

REVA Diagnostics

Community Healthcare Services

Collaboration with Canbank Financial Services Limited

(A Wholly Owned by Subsidiary of Canara Bank)

Sponsored Equipment
1 Digital Interferential Therapy Equipment
2 BRIO Combination Therapy
3 Three Fold Treatment Table
4 Infra Red Lamp
5 Hydro collator (Moist Heat Therapy Unit)
6 Cold Pack
7 X-Ray Viewer
8 Auto Blood Pressure
9 Malgumi 800 Automated Clia Analyzer
10 Urine Analyzer Model: Laura
11 Erba Lisa Scan EM Automated Microplate ELISA Reader
12 Lisa Washer Immunology Automated ELISA Washer
13 Hot Plate
14 Senior Rotary Microtome
15 Paraffin Embedding Bath
16 Rescholar Slide Cabinet
17 Automatic Tissue Processor
18 Magnus Trinocluar Microscope
19 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (-80 oC)
20 Tissue Embedding Bath
21 Surgical Instrument
22 Wheel Chair