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22 Feb 2024

7th International Conference on Future of Women 2024

REVA University is the academic partner in the 7th International Conference on Future of Women 2024 which is going to be held on 22nd & 23rd of February 2024 at Bangkok, Thailand along with renowned organizations and institutions such as Asian-African Association for Women, Gender and Sexuality (AAAWGS), Burgas Free University, Bulgaria, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Promoting Public and Social Development programs in Health , Liberia, Divine India, France, University of Durrës, Albania University of Mauritius, Mauritius.

The Future of Women 2024 aims to provide women more liberty and the ability to make their own decisions, including empowering them to effectively engage in the economy and political process, as well as make decisions about their own health and well-being, which leads to a variety of positive outcomes, including increased economic growth and development, improved health and well-being, and greater gender equality. The Future of Women 2024 will serve as a focal forum for the dissemination of the most recent research findings, knowledge, opinions, suggestions, and vision, as well as a variety of interactive platforms such as panels, keynote forums by prominent experts and activists in the field, group discussions, workshops, networking, and many exciting experiences.

7th International Conference on Future of Women 2024