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A Session on Career Guidance for Higher Studies | Reva University
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22 Mar 2022

A Session on Career Guidance for Higher Studies

Title: Workshop on A Session on Career Guidance for Higher Studies
Venue: Kalpana Chawla Seminar Hall, Sir C.V. Raman Block
Date: 22nd March,2022
Company: Nestling
Timing: 11:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M
Total no. of Participants: 150

Outcomes of the Workshop:

Nestlings, a cloud-based AI platform offers a one-stop solution that connects students with higher education universities abroad and within the country, student loans, scholarship, internships, visa assistance and first-time job placements – all on a single platform and the services on our platform are completely fee for students.

Nestlings has more than 150,000 students using its platform and has partnered with over 350+ universities and more recently, signed a premium partnership with one of the largest student loan providers and testing centres in Southeast Asia.

A total of 150 Third year B.Tech students participated in a session conducted by Nestlings on ‘A Session on Career Guidance for Higher Studies’. The session gave students a clear idea on how to plan their education and their career. Students learnt about the advantages of a higher education, the importance of preparing for interviews, and the process to apply for scholarships.

On behalf of Student Competitive Exam Coordinators team we would like to thank our beloved Chancellor Sir Dr. P. Shyama Raju for providing all facilities to conduct such programs. We thank Dr.R.C.Biradar, Director, School of ECE and Dr.K.M.Sudharsan, HoD/Assistant Director, School of ECE for their continuous support.

School of ECE

A Session on Career Guidance for Higher Studies