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Activity Conducted: Workshop on "IoT Boot Camp"
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23 May 2022

Activity Conducted: Workshop on "IoT Boot Camp"

Club name: IoT Club

Date: 23rd May 2022 to 27th May 2022

Number of participants: 59

The objective of the program was to upgrade the students’ knowledge in Fundamentals of IoT its architecture and its application, Arduino & Raspberry pi, etc. Trainers provided greater value to students by providing them not only the most updated courses but also preparing them is taking a Global certification that empower students in the corporate world. The trainer also taught the best practices and latest techniques & tricks in coding. Highlight of the programs were self-developed projects. IoT is the important technology to learn as most corporates is looking for the certified candidates. The outcome of the event was students learned how to explain IoT Architecture, embedded system concepts, connectivity & networks in IoT,use Cup Carbon Simulator, perform data analytics in splunk.

Activity Conducted: Workshop on