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13 Jan 2023

Application of AI in Power System Engineering

Application of AI in Power System Engineering:

In this Dr. Mishra introduce the power system, basic fundamentals of power system network, issues occur due to various fault conditions. Then, she starts with basics definition of Artificial Intelligence and how can we create intelligence system that can stimulate the human intelligence. She also explains about the important role of Biological Neuron in human intelligence and classifications of AI. She describes the comparison of AI Vs ML Vs DL. She listed out the various application of AI. With help of an experimental Analysis of expert system in AI CNN-SVM method she concluded the session.

Mrs. Sujo Oommen, Assistant Professor, School of EEE, initiated the webinar by welcoming the Guest. She narrated the contribution and current research of Dr. Mishra in the national building. She also delivered the vote of thanks and thanked the Guest and all the participants of this Webinar. A total of 56 students from 1st Year were participated in the program.

Application of AI in Power System Engineering