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23 Jun 2023

Athlete Wellness Programme Session

Athlete Wellness Programme

(Manodhaara- REVA Centre for Wellbeing & Department of Sports)
Session 1 (Under-graduate students from different sports)

Date: 23rd June 2023

Venue: Library Seminar Hall

The students were introduced to the programme with a presentation on the need for Wellness, both physical and mental, especially for athletes. The role of sports psychologists and mental wellness coaches was discussed; examples of famous sports personalities who talk about the need for mental fitness were given, where emphasis was laid on the need for seeking assistance from sports psychologists.

The students then answered a set of questionnaires that will determine their requirements in the area of mental wellness, skills training and personality development.Subsequent sessions will be designed according to the responses and the inferences drawn from them; specific psychological skills training will also be imparted to help students build resilience, confidence and mental strength. Also, the sessions will be personalized to athletes of each sport, keeping in mind the specific and unique needs of each sport/ sportsperson.

Dr. Monica S. Sharma
Ms. Harshitha (project assistant, MSc. Clinical Psychology)

Athlete Wellness Programme Session