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16 Oct 2023

BETWEEN THE LINES – 3.0 International conference

Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Design, REVA University, Bangalore.
An International Conference on Architecture and Urban Planning

BETWEEN THE LINES – 3.0 Contemporary Redefined: Paradigms, Practices, & Pedagogies

REVA University
REVA University, Bengaluru prides itself in contributing to every student’s holistic development. The University currently offers 39 full-time undergraduate Programmes, 32 full-time Post Graduate programmes, 18 PhD programmes, and certification and diploma programmes. The University offers programmes in Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Law, Arts & Humanities, and Performing Arts. Courses are offered in Certificate/ Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma too. REVA University facilitates research leading to a Doctoral Degree in all disciplines. REVA University has an updated, ever-evolving collection of books, journals, and digital content in the library with the latest IT infrastructure that ensures students have information at their disposal. The lush green campus, state-of-the-art laboratories, custom-designed classrooms to enable seamless learning, and world-class indoor and outdoor sports facilities make REVA University the most preferred university among students and MNCs that visit the campus for placements.

Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design
Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design, REVA University, has been setting impeccable standards with its ingenious tutelage and dynamic curriculum ever since its inception in the year 2015. Our team takes immense pride in the sense of leadership, community, and empathy that we instil every day among our students, which is the very premise of our establishment. With a world-class infrastructure of spacious studios, workshops, labs, exhibition spaces, construction yard, plugged-in classrooms, auditoriums, and outdoor learning spaces, the School of Architecture is stalwartly supported by DivyaSree Developers who have decades of rich experience in Architecture, Construction, and Infrastructure Development. A rich network of industry experts including award-winning architects and designers guide and mentor our budding architects in the studio and research projects. Combined with excellent faculty with diverse specializations, this ensures that our graduates can deliver design solutions sensitive to society and context.

The world is experiencing numerous challenges in the form of climate change, environmental degradation, pandemics, and many unexpected transformative forces, which demand re-shaping and reimagining of spaces and structures. There is a demand for cities to become more responsive. Architecture and urban Planning have become eloquent in global and local set-ups with numerous technological developments ranging from culture and heritage of urban settings to changes in urban fabric and urban education.
If coding is the word that describes the present epoch of digitalization, decoding represents a pause, a pause to reflect and understand the direction we are heading, not only as individuals assisted by extra (artificial) intelligence but also as a civilization that is coming to terms with the processes of planet earth and beyond.
The presence of various structures realised through varying architectural styles indicates parallel presence of forms, functions, finances, and fears - representing the present age dynamics and directions. This contemporaneity is the essence of multiplicity in architecture, embedded through development goals, cultural practices, environment and heritage concerns, artistic and algorithmic notions, and adaptive and pedagogy principles.
This conference is an effort to create a platform that enables the discussion of the various facets of architecture and planning that are in the processes of coding and decoding. We intend to generate a rich debate and dialogue between the participants and produce a lively atmosphere of ideas, interpretations, and introspections to be carried back.
We invite you to be part of this and deliver a Keynote address to the gathered audience of students and research scholars.

Objectives of the conference
The objectives of the conference are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of industry, infrastructure, innovation (SDG 9), quality education (SDG 4), and sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11).

Even though not limited to the following themes and sub-themes, the papers should be broadly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Theme 1: Treading the timelines: The place of Culture & Heritage within the contemporary
-Vernacular architecture
-Spatial notions in architecture
-Everyday heritage
-Virtual heritage
Theme 2: Reimagining urbanscapes: Present and future state of the cities
-Future of sustainable cities
-Virtual reality and Augmented reality
-Renewable architecture
Theme 3: Creating the Contemporary: The Global and the Local
-Contemporary Art and Architecture
-The Glocal in architecture
-Star architect and the local architect
-Algorhythm and the contemporary
Theme 4: Adaptive Architecture as a response to change
-Form, Function, and Strength
-Structure and function in architecture
-Technology and building materials
-Architect, Historian, and the Machine

Important Dates
 30th August 2023- Last date for the submission of abstracts
 30th September 2023- Last date for the submission of papers
October 2023 An International Conference on Architecture and Urban Planning
Contemporary Redefined: Paradigms, Practices & Pedagogies
Two days; Hybrid mode; Papers to be published in BTL 3.0 Conference Proceedings

For more information contact:
Dr.G Saisanath
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design

To submit the abstract:

BETWEEN THE LINES – 3.0  International conference