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Conference on Frontiers in Chemistry CFC 2021 | REVA University
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21 Oct 2021

Conference on Frontiers in Chemistry CFC 2021

Date: 21st to 23rd Oct 2021

The conference is aimed to understand the efforts of researchers in bridging Chemistry and Nature. Research in Chemistry most often attempts to comprehend and mimic the chemical reactions observed in Nature and extend it to the laboratory. This defines the underlying correlation between Matter and Life. Thus, a broader perspective can be drawn to exploit the scientific principles and evaluate them against the natural phenomena. The programme expects to instill a sense of scientific curiosity in young minds to evaluate the myriad of possibilities that nature has made available.

The conference is scheduled to be held from 21st-23rd October, 2021 by the Department of Chemistry, REVA University, Bangalore, India. CFC-2021 aims to promote state-of-the-art technologies and advances in chemical research on medicine, energy, and their allied applications, which aims not only for the development of Science and Technology but also contributes to the improvement of the quality of human life to a great extent. CFC-2021 will provide a remarkable opportunity for the academicians, researchers and industrial communities to address new challenges, share solutions and discuss the future research directions. CFC-2021 welcomes experts, professionals, academicians and researchers from all over the world. There would be immense opportunities to learn and express the views through interactive sessions and oral research presentations. Eminent professionals, scholars and post-graduates’ students and young researchers will share their views and enhance their knowledge on broad spectrum of Materials science and Medicinal Chemistry.

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Conference on Frontiers in Chemistry CFC 2021