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25 Jan 2023

Ekalvaya FPGA-based board-A made-easy tool for Semiconductor Industry Aspiring Professionals

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering

A Technical Talk report on “Ekalvaya FPGA-based board-A made-easy tool for Semiconductor Industry Aspiring Professionals

About the Technical talk:

Topic: “Ekalvaya FPGA-based board-A made-easy tool for Semiconductor Industry Aspiring Professionals”

Resource person: Mr. Umashankar C. P

Professional details: M/s. Vedya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru

Date – 25th Jan 2023, Wednesday

Time – 9.30 AM – 10.30 AM,

Venue: Room No 203, C V Raman Block, School of ECE,

Target Audience: 6th-semester ECE students.

No of Participants: 45

About the Resource Person:

Mr. Umashankar C. P - Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics), Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Presently working as Director of Technology, Vedhya Technologies Private Limited from Aug 2021. He has experience of working as Technical Consultant at ASM Technologies Ltd for six years (2017-21). He also has 4.6 years (June 2011-Nov2015) of experience as Director Technology at Advanced Sierra Electo Tech Pvt Ltd.

Technical Talk Objectives:

  1. To get acquainted with the students of the school of ECE regarding uses of FPGA Board in semiconductor industry.
  2. Designing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  3. Introduction to VHDL
  4. the demand for professionals in the semiconductor industry that will come up in the near future

Technical Talk Session Outcomes:Participants understood the scope for risks, curiosity, vision, and mission to take it at greater heights in the field of semiconductor device.

Students will be able to identify the scope and nature of the following possible research areas.

Technical Talk Proceedings with Photographs:

The Technical Talk started at around 9.30 am on 25/01/2023 in the presence of the Dr. K.M. Sudharshan director of the school of ECE, Mr. Umashankar C. P an eminent speaker of the talk and 6th semester students. The Dr. Shailendra Kumar Mishra introduced the speaker and welcomed the gathering. Dr. K.M. Sudharshan director also addressed the gathering. The session was continued by the speaker talking till 10.45 am. The students were curious about the topic & enthusiastically interacted with the resource person regarding job opportunity in semiconductor industry. The talk ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Shailendra Kumar Mishra on behalf of the school of ECE.

 On behalf of the School of ECE, we would like to thank our beloved Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for providing all the facilities and support to conduct such technical talk. We also thank our Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. R.C. Biradar and our Director Dr. K M Sudharshan, School of ECE for their constant support and guidance. Also, we thank all our ECE faculty members for encouraging the students to attend the technical talk.

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Ekalvaya FPGA-based board-A made-easy tool for Semiconductor Industry Aspiring Professionals