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26 Nov 2022

ESHANYA - A Cultural Extravaganza

On behalf of REVA University students of all schools from India's Northeast region, it is our pleasure to invite you to ESHANYA - A Cultural Extravaganza, showcasing the culture and tradition of the states popularly termed as 'Seven Sisters and One Brother' on Saturday, 26th November 2022 at 10:30 A.M. in the Ampitheatre at CV Raman Block.

ESHANYA, meaning 'Northeast', will exhibit the various forms of songs, dances and attires of the region while celebrating India's unique 'Unity in Diversity'. REVA University has given a platform to these students to come together and as much as the event is an expression of their native culture, it is equally demonstrative of their belongingness to their alma mater, and their love for Bengaluru which has accepted them with open arms.
We invite everyone to be a part of the event and support the initiative of the students.
ESHANYA - A Cultural Extravaganza