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16 Jul 2020

Geneex – Commemorating Mendel’s Birthday

Club name: Genetics Club

Date: 16.07.2020 to 22.7.2020

Number of participants: Inhouse - 60.

Activity Conducted: The Genetics Club, Department of Biotechnology, School of Applied Sciences has given the students the opportunity to virtually participate in the club activities. The activity was organized to commemorate the birth anniversary of Gregor Johann Mendel who is regarded as Father of Genetics on July 20. The week of his birthday 16.7.2020 to 22.7.2020 is observed as Genetics week to pay our tribute to this great legendary for being the cause of the onset of the field of Genetics and inheritance. In this regard, the students were involved to explore the field of Genetics and its utilization in the wellbeing of the human beings in future, Keeping the present COVID scenario in mind, students were allowed to participate virtually through MS office.

Two activities were organised – Postermania on the topic “Recent Advances in the treatment of Mendelian disorders” and Webinarnest with the topic – “Genetics in the future world”. Students prepared the posters on the given topic and the e-posters were uploaded. The presentation was recorded and uploaded. The students of UG - BBG, BCsM and PG Biotechnology actively participated in the activity.


Activity – Webinarnest – webinars presented by participants


Activity – Postermania – e-posters presented by participants.

Geneex – Commemorating Mendel’s Birthday