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Immersion Programme 2021 from School of Commerce | REVA University
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12 Jul 2021

Immersion Programme 2021 from School of Commerce

School of Commerce
GENESIS –Immersion Programme 2021
Date: 12th July 2021 to 17th July 2021
Programme – – Industry Integrated 

The School of Commerce, REVA University organised Immersion Programme for the new batch of students enrolled for the graduation courses. The programme will be from 12th July to 17th August 2021. The main intention of conducting the immersion programme is to orient the students about the courses and the programme chosen to pursue. The immersion programme will be conducted through online platform, Microsoft Teams.

Name of the Faculty Session
Dr Shubha A About REVA University, Culture & Philosophy 
Prof. Hemalatha Radhakrishna Campus life at REVA University
Prof. Nagesha C S Career options for Commerce Students
Prof. Geetha C Programme Design -B.Com (Industry Integrated)
Prof. Shwetha T A Training about MS-Teams
Prof. Jayashree B N ERP- JUNO
Prof. Bindushree D Examination and Evaluation
Prof. Arifa Banu About CDC , Training and Placement
Prof. Megha S Extra-Curricular Activities, NSS, NCC
Prof. Usha I Personality Development, SDC, Major Project.

Programme – – Honors


Name of the Faculty Session
Dr Shubha A Academics @ REVA
Prof Naresh Babu K S Acquaint yourself with MS Teams
Prof Harsha J Assessments @ REVA
Mr Samuel A Aspirations & Career guidance
Prof Konyn Tuba Lappay Acquire Knowledge of Research
Prof Sagaya Shwetha Align your Interest –Clubs and Forums
Dr Shubha A Andragogy
9 speakers
Dr Shubha A
Dr Rani Sushmitha
Prof Jalaja V
Prof Naresh Babu K S
Prof Manjunath V S
Prof Malashree
Prof Abhishek Dutta Gupta
Prof Ruchika Sharma
Prof Ivin Abraham
9 topics and 9 speakers

Master Class 
Closure Ceremony  
Immersion Programme 2021 from School of Commerce