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31 Jul 2021

Maps Vs. Reality Webinar

The School of Performing Arts and Indic Studies conducted a webinar on "Maps vs. Reality: Illustrated Indian History with Maps" by renowned scholar Puneeth Chaithanya on 31July 2021 at 3:30 p.m. An engineer by Vocation, Sri Puneeth Chaithanya is a story-teller, a lover of Indian Classical music as well as an innovator.

The lecture elaborated upon how Maps have been a part of the human story from genesis. Beginning the session with a very pertinent question of what do we see when we look at an image of the globe the speaker made the session relevant for one-and-all. The engaging talk was followed by an equally engaging Q&A and concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Prof Maalyada Anand.

Puneeth Chaithanya's very informative session established that Maps are not meant to be accurate they are meant to be useful.

Maps Vs. Reality Webinar