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02 Mar 2024

Mastering Simulink: From Basics to Advanced Modeling Techniques in MATLAB

The School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, REVA University Bengaluru is delighted to announce Online Certification Program on "Mastering Simulink: From Basics to Advanced Modeling Techniques in MATLAB" scheduled from March 2nd to May 19th, 2024.
Duration : 32 Hours (Saturday and Sunday)

Registration Details:

- Payment Link:  
- Registration Link:  
- Last Date for Registration: February 18th, 2024

Key Program Highlights:
1. Comprehensive Learning
2. Hands-on Experience
3. Industry-Relevant Skills
4. Problem-Solving Techniques
5. Project Work
6. MATLAB Proficiency Certificate from REVA University

Why you should Participate?
1. High Demand in Industries: MATLAB proficiency is coveted in aerospace, automotive, finance, and telecommunications. Employers value candidates adept at leveraging MATLAB for data analysis, modeling, and simulation.
2. Diverse Job Opportunities: Open doors to roles in research and development, system modeling, control system design, data analysis, and algorithm development with MATLAB skills.
3. Competitive Edge: Mastering MATLAB provides a competitive edge in academia and industry. Employers appreciate candidates quick to adapt to tools and technologies.
4. Research Opportunities: MATLAB is pivotal for simulations, data analysis, and algorithm development, laying a foundation for advanced research in scientific and engineering disciplines.

Registration Types and Fees:
1. Student (UG/PG) from REVA University Bengaluru - ₹1000  
2. Student from Other Institutions - ₹1500
3. Research Scholars - ₹2500
4. Faculty/Academician - ₹3000
5. Industry Person - ₹4000

For Further Information, Contact:
Dr. Bansilal Bairwa, Assistant Professor  
10 Years of Experience in MATLAB Simulink
Phone: +91 7665341082

Mastering Simulink: From Basics to Advanced Modeling Techniques in MATLAB