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06 Nov 2023

MEDHA- A Cultural Talent Event

The School of Performing Arts & Indic Studies organised a show titled Medha – A Cultural Talent Event on November 6, 2023, at 2:00 pm in the Kalpana Chawla Hall auditorium. The event showcased their talent in various art forms in a vibrant and enthusiastic setting. Popular Indian cinema dance choreographer and actor Mr. B. Dhananjay graced the occasion.  Students enthralled everyone with their multidimensional displays of streams of skill, which included Bhava, Thala, Raga, Abhinaya, Swara, and many more. The crowd was engrossed in the performance. Medha was conceived not just as a platform to present your talents but also as a stage to overcome fear and begin your new venture to fulfill your desires.  

MEDHA- A Cultural Talent Event