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11 Sep 2023

One Day Physiotherapy Camp

A free physiotherapy camp for the Revites as well as the public were organized on 11th September 2023 at RPC @ REVA Diagnostics, Community Health Services, REVA University. Camp was organized by School of Allied Health Sciences (SOAHS) on account of World Physiotherapy Day 2023. The physiotherapy team at REVA University (3 members) including, One Clinical therapist & Two Physiotherapy Faculties, One medical Doctor along with other supporting staffs as per the SOP. The camp followed the SOP which is enclosed with this report. The camp started by lamp lighting by Dr. Jayashree, Professor & Head, School of Allied Health Sciences & discussed various issues of health with others and the importance of the camp. The camp focused on Physiotherapy Consultation, Therapeutic Exercises, Modality (Electrotherapy), Manual Therapy, Referrals for investigations & further medical opinion, & Home Exercise Program advices. Free assessment on BMI, BP & weight also given to the patients.

Approximately 60 patients, staff & students came for the Camp. Physiotherapist under services advised various Therapeutic Exercises, Modality (Electrotherapy), Manual Therapy and also given referrals for those who needs more evaluation.

One Day Physiotherapy Camp