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Report on Compiling the Internship portfolio for Online presentations | REVA University
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12 Jun 2021

Report on Compiling the Internship portfolio for Online presentations

Title: Compiling the Internship portfolio for Online presentations
Delivered by: Prof. Vidya Srikanth and Prof. Sneha Murthy
Date: 12th June 2021  
Course:Practical training-I 
Internship coordinators: Ar. Gopisainath Grandhi, Ar. Mahima J
Mode: MS Teams Platform  
Attended by:  
1. Students of School of Architecture, VIII th Sem -63
2. Faculty members of the School of Architecture: 02  
The main objective of the expert lecture was to gain knowledge on the compilation of portfolio and pointers on how to suit the presentation to an online mode.

Lecture Outcomes:  

Adapting to a soft copy presentation of Portfolio and presentation via an online platform was concerning to the students who have completed the Practical training -I and are in the process of compiling the work. The session was conducted by Ar Sneha Murthy and Prof.Vidya Srikanth and covered various aspects of portfolio preparation such as submission format, inclusions and exclusions, describing site visits, variety of drawings worked on such that a good cross section of the learning can be presented. The quantity and quality of drawings required for various projects were covered in detail. Ar. Sneha emphasized that while talking about the firm, and the chief architect under whom the student trained, it was equally important to weave it around their own personal story and connect. The session then proceeded to display sample portfolios and bring out the highlights among them with respect to content, legibility and presentation style. Prof. Vidya Srikanth drew attention to the inclusions that were mandatory such as completion certificates, size and composition, duration given for the student and the ethics to be followed.

The VIII th Sem B.Arch., students were able to understand the various aspects that go into portfolio preparation and put into perspective  their role in professional training. 

The session was very much informative and students participated in interactive discussion and were able to get clarity on the outcome expected.

Report on Compiling the Internship portfolio for Online presentations