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10 Feb 2024

Report on KHEL-KHOJ 2024

The celebration of Indian indigenous games was held in Reva University termed Khel Khoj. This is the second time Reva University conducted this event where students unleash their traditional spirit for the games which were played in olden times. As khel khoj is all about traditional games so thus the theme was also traditional where the whole college was decorated in vintage style and also the dress code was traditional for both men and women. About 1000 members explored or participated not only from REVA but also from other places.  

Performances such as Kalaripayattu, Malla khamba and Thang-tha were there to grab the attention of the audience. There were about 30+ indigenous games which were showcased at khel khoj by different schools of Reva. One of them was the School of Allied Health Sciences which showcased two games namely Cowrie khel and Top spinning game. Cowrie Khel is played with 4-6 cowrie shells were minimum 2 or more participants sit in the circle and play this game, during khel khoj many participants played cowrie khel and were very nostalgic as this game was the most popular game during olden times and due to changing time is now endangered. 

The other game was top spinning game which is fantastic traditional game and was very popular among boys during olden times where they tie rope around the top and spin it in different ways as this is an open-ended toy there are no hard and fast rules to play this game. This game inspired young minds curiosity and imagination during khel khoj and not only boys but also girls were very enthusiastic to play this top spinning game and were competing with boys as to how long the top spins and beat their best time records. Over-all the experience of khel khoj was amazing as the whole Reva was celebrated the festival of indigenous games. 

Report on KHEL-KHOJ 2024